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Sandberg VS4 Ash, Violet Burst

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Sandberg VS4 Ash, Violet Burst

Hand built in Germany, Sandberg basses are incredible basses that are becoming increasingly popular due to their tonal versatility and brilliant playability.

The VS4 is loaded with Split P pickup which is running through an Active 2 band preamp, switchable to passive, there are loads of tones available at your fingertips, everything from classic retro thump to the most outragouse P tones that will shake your foundations.

Slim profile neck measuring 39mm at the nut, 47 mm at the 12th, satin finish maple with Pau Ferro fretboard fretboard. Black Hardware

This version features an Ash body, maple neck/Pau Ferro fretboard, Abolone dot inlays and black hardware. Includes Sandberg Gig Bag