Who are we?


The Bass Centre has been in existence for the past 28 years, servicing the bass community Australia wide.

We are Australia's only dedicated Bass store, located at 206 Park St, Sth Melbourne. We are a real store that you can come to, play basses, amps, effects or whatever takes your fancy. We offer in house bass repairs, excellent customer service and great gear at super competitive prices.

We are real people, who all play bass.....we live and breath it. The staff at Bass Centre have all been here for a long time, our newest employee has been here for 3 years, our longest....25 years. Combined, we have done literally 1000's of gigs all over the country and we know a tonne about bass gear!! We understand what you want and we try and get you the right gear for the right price every time. We have customers fall over Australia, many of whom have been shopping with us for more than 20 years. We are interested in building long term relationships with our customers, lets face it, playing Bass is a passion that can be all consuming. Our wants change and our gig situations change all the time and you need the right "tools" for each gig that comes your way. We strive to not just cater for your current needs, but to cater for all of your needs of your bass playing career. As much as it sounds like a pitch..........We are seriously here to help

Guy Palmer,

Store Owner, Sales, Photography, Cardboard management and coffee procurement.

Bass: Musicman Stingray 


Melvyn T Lewis.

Repairs, Set Ups, Sales and words of wisdom.

Bass: Many

Dave Evans.

Sales, Advice, Purchasing, Chops (the vegetarian type) and accents

Bass: Squier P Bass.....a cracker of an old one.

Darren Steel.

Sales, Advice, Shapes, Style and Socks.

Bass: Fender Roadworn Precison

Stewart Taylor.

Sales, Help, Calming Influence, Internationally connected. 

Bass: Fender Custom Shop Precision. 


The store is open Monday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. You are welcome to come in and check out gear, meet the staff or just browse.

This website represents both what we have in stock and also what we can get for you. Stock is often limited in its supply so if you see what you are after please contact us to confirm its availability.


We can be contacted by phone on 03 9696 6561, email at info@basscentre.com.au , live chat or we can talk to you face to face in the store....old school.