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Who are we?


The Bass Centre has been servicing the bass community Australia wide since 1990.

We are Australia's premier Bass Guitar store, located at 206 Park St, South Melbourne. We are a real store that you can come to, play basses, amps, effects or whatever takes your fancy. We offer in house bass repairs, excellent customer service and great gear at super competitive prices.

Before you ask, yes - we all play bass, we live and breathe it! We have done literally thousands of gigs all over the country, and have learned a tonne about bass gear along the way.

We understand what you want and we try and get you the right gear for the right price every time. We have customers all over Australia, many of whom have been shopping with us for more than 20 years. We are interested in building long term relationships with our customers, because let's face it - playing bass is a passion that can be all consuming. Our wants and gig situations change all the time, and you need the right "tools" for each gig that comes your way. We strive to not just cater for your current needs, but to cater for all of the needs of your bass playing career.

As much as it sounds like a pitch, we are seriously here to help :)

Guy Palmer - Store Owner/Director

A gear head from an early age, Guy has been buying and selling bass gear since the age of 15, culminating in the store that we now know as Bass Centre.

Owning a Bass store obviously has lots of gear advantages, and Guy's gear arsenal has ebbed and flowed through just about every brand of gear - from Steinbergers to Dingwalls, Fenders to Ibanez and everything in between.

His other overriding interest is photography, having studied and worked professionally in the field. It is the combination of a photographic interest and bass fanaticism that can be seen on the Bass Centre website.

Workhorse: Music Man StingRay 

Guilty Pleasure: Kubicki X-Factor

Favourite players: Doug Wimbish, Tony Levin, Stu Hamm

Favourite bassline: 'My Generation' - The Who (John Entwistle)


Dave EvansStore Manager

After showing an interest in music and taking piano lessons from a young age, Dave's love for the electric bass began at 15, leading him to complete tertiary studies at Box Hill Institute and the Victorian College of the Arts.

A jack of all trades with broad musical interests, he has since performed all across Australia, playing for professional musical theatre, TV, recording albums with original artists, swung with big bands, thrashed out rock covers, funk, jazz fusion and everything in between.

Just like his broad musical interests, Dave's hobbies are wide ranging including classic motorsport, meditation, making whatever he can in the shed and true crime podcasts. Now in his 13th year at the Bass Centre, he is always ready to help and problem solve in any way he can.

Workhorses: Fender Custom Shop Jazz and 1984 Squier JV P Bass

Guilty pleasure: Fender American Original 70s Jazz

Secret weapon: Yamaha EBX-1

Rig: Gallien Krueger 800RB head into Ampeg 212-AV cab

Favourite players: Marcus Miller, Jaco, Will Lee, Duck Dunn

Favourite bassline: 'Maybe I'm a Leo' - Deep Purple (Roger Glover)

Darren Steel

'The Darren'

The most stylish bassist in Melbourne. Playing for nearly 30 years, he has all the bass knowledge you need.

If anyone met the description of 'Gig Fit', it is Daz.  Currently he’s playing in the chamber orchestra Orchestra 21, and regularly flies interstate freelancing for various artists, corporate pub bands, cabarets, classical and musicals.  Julie Andrews to Pantera - if there's a gig he will be there and nail the part in every sense.

Workhorses: Fender American Vintage 60s P, Ibanez EHB1005SMS

Secret Weapon: Jay Haide Italian Model Double Bass

Rig: Ampeg SVT Classic and 8x10 cabinet if roadies, otherwise Markbass CMD121P

Stewart Taylor

Probably the nicest guy you will ever meet.  Stew is all about positive vibes, helping you get the information you need, and laying down a mean groove!

Originally hailing from NSW, Stew has been playing, writing, recording and touring internationally with innumerable Melbourne bands over the last 15 years. 

Bring a jar of pickles or pack of Fisherman's Friend and you will have made an invaluable ally in your quest for bass gear goodness!

Workhorse: Fender Custom Shop Precision

Secret Weapon: Hofner 500/1 Violin bass (German!)

Rig: Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 into SL212 cabinet

Aidan Maizels

Aidan has been working at Bass Centre for nearly 2 years. He plays bass with several original groups around Melbourne, including his own solo project.

A bubbly lad who walks a fine line between meticulous organisation and left field eccentricities - he is ready to help you get the right gear for your situation, no matter how wacky it might be!

He's also got a degree in classical music composition, if that's your sort of thing...

Workhorses: Fender Standard Jazz (w/custom shop pickups) and Ibanez SRH500F fretless

Guilty pleasure: Rickenbacker 4003

Secret weapon: Quest 'Stage Series' mystery bass! $150 in the trading post in 2004, 24 frets, p pickup, plays/sounds like a dream

Favourite players: Jeff Berlin, John Wetton and Carol Kaye

Favourite bassline: 'Long Distance Runaround' - Yes (Chris Squire)



The store is open Monday-Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-4. You are welcome to come in and check out gear, meet the staff or just browse.

This website represents both what we have in stock and also what we can get for you. Stock is often limited in its supply so if you see what you are after please contact us to confirm its availability.


We can be contacted by phone on 03 9696 6561, email at, live chat, or we can talk to you face to face in the store (old school!)