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Setups and Repairs



Bass Centre repairs get completed Monday-Thursday. Simply bring your Bass to us in-store or give us a call to chat. Generally, the turnaround time is 2-3 working days pending the individual job needs and workloads. 

If you are unsure about what you may need, get in touch orsee the services below to help you out.


Your bass guitar is playing great, but you need some new strings to keep it fresh.

  • Clean & condition the fingerboard.
  • Install the new strings.
  • Polish the body & neck.

From - $45 + Strings



Your bass has been serving you well, but there are some playability issues holding you's time for a Set Up. Our service & set-up option is all about optimising your basses playability.

  • Clean & condition the fingerboard.
  • Polish frets.
  • Change strings.
  • Optimise string height/playing action.
  • Adjust intonation.
  • Deep clean & polish the body & neck.

4 String Bass - $99 + Strings

5 String Bass - $109 + Strings

6 String Bass - $119 + Strings


Bench charge for outside of scope work is $90 per hour, charged in 30-minute increments.





We do not do amp repairs outside of Warranty claims.  If you have an amp issue inside its warranty period please contact us and we will get it resolved for you. 

If you have an issue with an amp/cab that is out of warranty, we recommend Simon Cotter at Eight T in Sunshine or Tim Evans in Edithvale.  For Speaker related repairs search up Speaker Bits in Port Melbourne.