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Setups and Repairs


We offer setups on all bass guitars!  Our setups include: restringing, cleaning, adjustment of intonation, action/truss rod/string height and check electronics. 

Setups start at $99 for a 4 string bass, $109 for 5-string and $119 for a 6-string plus strings.  We offer a single complimentary setup on any bass purchased from us within 12 months.

Repairs are completed Monday-Thursday, no need to book in advance, simply bring it in and we will book you in when we take the bass.  Generally the turnaround is 2-3 working days, but this depends on how busy we are. 

We do NOT do on-the-spot repairs or restrings.  We do not have time to complete restrings in store, there are plenty of tutorials online that explain how to restring a bass - it is an invaluable skill to learn for any player, so we recommend that you give it a go yourself.


We offer basic electronic work including pickup/preamp installation and replacement, output jack replacement, rewiring, as well as replacement and installation of any hardware or cosmetics (bridges, machine heads, pickguards etc).

If you have an issue with your bass that you are unsure about, then the best thing to do is bring it in for us to have a look at, preferably when the tech is in and we can assess what needs to be done.

If you need something completed in a hurry, come in as early as possible and we can see how we're tracking.  There is no guarantee that we will be able to complete it in your preferred timeframe, but it gives us the best chance to help you out.


We no longer offer fretwork/defrets or body work in store.  You will need to take your bass to a luthier.  We recommend Jim Cargill in Seaford, Cam Rees at Custom Guitar Works in Narre Warren, Adam Cole at Found Sound in Carlton or Simon Cotter at Eight T in Sunshine.


We do not do amp repairs.  If you have amp issues then we recommend Simon Cotter at Eight T in Sunshine or Tim Evans in Edithvale.  For Gallien-Krueger amps you need to contact Electric Factory, who are the GK suppliers and have their own techs.

If any product you have bought from us has a defect within the warranty period then please contact us or bring it in for us to sort out as soon as you can - external tinkering may cause issues when we process the claim...