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Sandberg Booster 5 Ash Body

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Sandberg Booster 5 German Built. Violetburst

A beautiful hand built German bass that delivers tones and playability beyond its price point. The Booster uses an Ash body, maple/pau ferro neck and custom electronics to deliver an incredibly versatile bass. The low end is super tight with beautiful mid range poke and control. Pau Ferro fretboard gives you the warmth and sweetness of rosewood but with a faster responce and more presence frequencies like maple, its a beautiful choice of timber. Dual soapbars in a rear shifted position creat great versatility and definition right across the audio spectrum and an onboard 3 band preamp gives you total tonal control. 

This is a custom bass at a production line price. Made in Germany with care and attention to detail, the Sandberg Booster is a modern bass with a tonne of tones.  

  • German Made Sandberg Booster 5
  • AshBody
  • Matt Black Headstock
  • Black Hardware
  • Active 3 band Preamp switchable
  • passive tone circuit
  • Sandberg Gig Bag included

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