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Nordstrand Power Blade Precision Bass pickup

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Nordstrand Power Blade Precision Bass pickup


This pickup is the latest addition to our blade arsenal. With its thick steel blade, optimized wind, and ceramic magnets providing an authoritative low-end punch, the Power Blade will distribute a forcefield of fat slap fury that is tamed and guided by a super smooth top end. With half of its tonal DNA being derived from the classic P design, its character is inherently reminiscent of that hard-hitting P bass vigor we all love, only with a bit more girth in its low-end and translucent flow in its highs which works to facilitate the impressive character that is all its own. This P-style Big Blade split in half will satisfy any player looking for the power of a Big Blade without compromising the throaty fury of classic P tone.

Technical Details:

  • Hum canceling split coil 4 string precision-type bass pickup.
  • Thick steel blade
  • No worries about string spacing!
  • Drop-in replacement P-bass pickup.
  • Ceramic magnets.
  • Available in black plastic covers
  • Laser cut bobbins.
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.


History: The power and vibe these pickups perpetuate was born from the need to improve a bass that was subpar in Carey’s eyes. With our newfound drive to spread the blade genome throughout our entire catalogue, we decided to inject our P design with all things blade - thus creating the super power that is the P Blade while simultaneously improving the bass which first bore this distinguished soldier of tone. In the end, Carey could not put down this new and improved bass for months, demonstrating the illustrious quality of what turned out to be a new shop favorite: the ball-busting Power Blade.


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