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Fender Flea Signature Road Worn Jazz Bass

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Fender Flea Signature Road Worn Jazz Bass

Finally the irrepressibly Flea teams up with Fender to build a faithful reproductions of Flea's 1961 Jazz bass. To celebrate his enduring influence Fender have recreated his prized '61 Shell Pink Jazz Bass that he received from a fan and has used extensively for Stadium Arcadium, The Getaway and with Atoms for Peace...........not to mention all of his live work. 

Loaded with a pair of vintage style American made Pure Vintage '64 Jazz bass pickups that provide the original era Fender tone with clear articulation, clear low end definition and up front mid range punch. The vintage accurate stacked concentric controls shape the pickups volume and tone as well as allowing the pickups to be blended in any ratio. Slim profile 7.25" radius, 20 fret C shaped Jazz neck is super fast to play with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish with a 1.5" nut. Threaded steel barrel saddle bridge.

Shell Pink is one of the rarest of Fender's Custom Colour finishes from the 60's and Fleas Jazz bass is quite possibly the only one in existence. The Signature Flea bass faithfully recreates the exact shade as it exists today in nitrocellulose and then it has been "Road Worn". A special neck plate engraved with Flea's own artwork commemorates the inspiration behind the instrument.

Flea's left his mark on modern music, and the Flea Jazz Bass is the perfect tool to make your own.  


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