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Darkglass D112N Neo Cabinet

Darkglass D112N Neodymium Speaker Cabinet


The Ultimate 1x12" is here. Loaded with a custom US Eminence Neodymium 12"  speaker, the D112N delivers exceptional clarity and definition at all volume levels. Exceptional low end responce and mid range definition all delivered from a super compact and portable cabinet. Designed to run on its own for smaller gigs or to be coupled with an additional cabinet for larger venue work

Rated at 500 watts, Horn Loaded, 8ohms and weighing just 12.5 kilograms, this is one of the lightest cabinets on the market. This is a superb sounding cabinet for all genres of music and delivers on the ever growing popularity of 12" speakers for bass 

42,8 cm x 48,5 cm x 43,5 cm