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Darkglass Alpha Omega AO500

Darkglass Alpha Omega AO500 500 watt Bass Head

The Alpha·Omega 500 is a 500W amplifier equipped with an all-analog preamplifier, two distinct distortion circuits (Alpha and Omega), a custom-designed Darkglass high-efficiency class D Module, an ultra-quiet graphic equalizer, and a digital impulse-response cabinet emulator for DI outputs or headphones
Featuring the incredible Darkglass Alpha Omega preamp set up combined with a Darkglass 500 watt power stage, the AO500 is designed to deliver signature tone in every situation. The Alpha Omega preamp stage gives you two mixable overdrive circuits that deliver tonal flexibility and control. 

A new superior custom-designed Darkglass high-efficiency class D power amplifier module is the heart of this new line of our 500 Watt amplifiers. It enables the usage of speaker cabs with impedance as low as 2Ω, adding a new level of flexibility for our
cabinet options.
A much-requested new feature is the cabinet simulation which utilises an improved version of the Darkglass Cab Sim module. The module has three slots for hi-res impulse responses which are active for both the headphone output and the balanced XLR DI output.
The AO500 features a one-knob compressor with intelligent makeup gain for level consistency, while a new ultra-quiet graphic equaliser is now onboard for precision tonal adjustments. 
All of these features combined, as well as the others listed below, place the Microtubes 500v2 as one of the most versatile amplifiers on the market. In fact, we believe that never before has such a powerful tool been packed into such a light and compact format. 
· 1/4 "/Speakon jack
· XLR out
· Headphone jack
· Auxiliary In (New)
· Memory for 3 Impulse response via the Cab Select switch (New)
· USB connector to load IRs and assign the compressor to the
three modes
· Ultra-quiet 6-band graphic EQ (New)
· Built-in adjustable studio-grade VCA compression (New)
· Alpha·Omega 500 - Alpha and Omega Drive Circuits
· Passive/Active Switch