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New Ibanez SRFF805 and SRFF806.....hell yep󾌪

March 14, 2015 1 min read 1 Comment

New Ibanez SRFF805 and SRFF806.....hell yep

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March 27, 2015

I am glad that you never stopped pliyang guitar. Of all the musicians I have ever heard, you were always one of the most gifted. You do not know this but I never stopped bragging about you, about that young lady who opened for Joe Satriani a mere four years after picking up a guitar.. I was there, I witnessed it! I am particular about the music I like, quite often I can be moved to tears by music done well. That old Destiny CD is one of my top treasures. It still moves me today and it will be cherished till my last days. YOU did that! If I have any regrets, it is that the world never got the chance to hear, to feel the beautiful art that you performed. I am no musician but I do have one bit of advice: have fun and enjoy your gift have earned it. Merry Christmas to you and yours Juli Morgan. Thank you for that CDchris chick

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