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DINGWALL NG2 Ferrari Green. @dingwall guitars @basscentre #bassguitar #basscentr...

February 27, 2015 1 min read 2 Comments

DINGWALL NG2 Ferrari Green. @dingwall guitars @basscentre #bassguitar #basscentre #bassgear #bass @bassplayunited @basstheworld

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April 02, 2015

, I don’t know what to think about this movie. The subject is great (middle ages, Scotland), it’s a prseincs movie, but not a typical one (I’m not a fan of the Disney prseincses BTW), the visuals are stunning, but I was also not sure about the trailer, it has a kind of comedy and general feel similar to Tangled or Dreamworks as said, and that is terrible, because even tough both of them are reasonably good, Pixar is usually light years ahead of both Dreamworks and DAS, one of the differences is that Pixar movies are usually very emotional, but in a very sophisticated way, also their comedy is much more sophisticated. I really hope that Pixar doesn’t become too similar to DAS, otherwise they can just merge the two (what’s the point in having two studios doing the same thing?) As Alain said, let’s wait. By the way, this must be “Disney’s” first red haired prseincs, they made such a big deal because of the first black prseincs, and nobody talks about the first red haired; I’m probably saying that because I love red haired women, I think that it is the most beautiful hair color for women…


March 27, 2015

To Mark, Carol, Billy and Fiona, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. An excellent eeeirpxnce, I can’t recommend it highly enough, if you like guitars. I’m considering selling my Gibson Les Paul to fund another visit. Peter, Marcel and Jan thanks for the company during the week, it will be one week that will last long in the memory.

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