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The one and only Ampeg SVT. Released in the late 60s it has well and truly stood...

February 26, 2015 1 min read 2 Comments

The one and only Ampeg SVT. Released in the late 60s it has well and truly stood the test of time. This is the last one we can do for $2956!!! Live the dream!!!

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April 02, 2015

Hi,Am I right in assuming that most of your site is reatled to harp and guitar amps?I am a bass player and have an amp repair and service business here in Edmond,OK. I had a customer bring in 3 old vintage Fender amps which I serviced and did any needed repairs and got him going very well. One of his amps was a 59 Blonde Bandmaster that was immaculate. He has taken care of these jewels.Anyway, he gave me a 67 SF Bassman with the AB165 circuit. I did a cap job, replaced all three transformers with new Mercury Mag trannys and modded the hum balance as a true bias. I tested and kept the original pre amp tubes and installed a pair of Winged C 6L6 s. Right now I play it thru my old SVT 8-10.This cab I removed and plan on having the originals 10 s re coned thru Ted Weber Company. The tens in it now are cheap cast speakers and my SVT head really did a job on them. Learned my lesson about the stuff sold by some eBay sellers. At low volume they sound good but the coils are slapping here and there with amp at 4 and my bass up pretty loud. Anyway I have acquired to old Eminence 15s and I’m going to build my own cab just for this bassman.I had read that the AB165 wasn’t really liked as a bass amp. My BF in 65 with 2-12 cabs was incredible. So why the dislike as a bass amp for the AB165?Also what circuit are you referring to when doing a bias mod on these to be like the 63 bassman? I have looked a the 6G6 s and I see no bias control pot.Can you set me straight on this mod?Thanks much for a very informative site.RegardsRon ThomasEdmond, OK


March 27, 2015

DUDE kudos and congrats! LOVE outodor shows! Usually a fun energy and just totally different since like 80% of my playing is in a sanctuary!Plus anytime you can say the cops showed up you know you’re playing ROCK AND ROLL!!! HAHAHA. That’s a mad awesome set too dude! I mean for covers it’s not typical covers y’all picked some great tunes! I mean some of those songs took some stones to even attempt to pull them off! Haha man I keep catching another song saying to myself I wanna play that song one day!

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