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Adam Clayton Signature Jazz Bass from Fender in Sherwood Green is one tasty look...

February 25, 2015 1 min read 2 Comments

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April 02, 2015

, happened in 9:00, the local CDC staff came to the hotsipal admissions office to find him, announced his HIV screening positive, told him it takes three days to review the results . CDC staff was gone, the medical staff of the Hospital Anorectal find Fang Tong, Fang Tong part of the family members do ideological work, tell them the level of the hotsipal‘s medical technology is limited, Fang Tong able to find a bigger hotsipal for treatment. In order to avoid the attention of the other patients, either medical staff or parties Tong and their families, to take the Fang Tong and his mother recalled, from the morning, the friendly persuasion, almost every interval of one hour, until the side Tong out of the hotsipal a total of six times, let this persuasion they are injured. Fang Tong said that his current state is indeed living with HIV, he did not want their own affairs expansion,burberry wallets, but he did not think, when he proposed to leave the hotsipal to other hotsipals from seeking, all nurses refused for him to pull out the needle, and to escape the sight of his family, he had with a suture with a variety of drip needle was discharged. small hotsipals shelter treatment followed by reporters to find treatment for Fang Tong Dr. Zhou. When the reporter asked the reason to understand the patient side Tong left the hotsipal, Dr Chow said, Reporters in front of waiting a few minutes later, still did not see Dr. Zhou. Sujiatun Central Hospital, the total duty, Dr. Shao answer reporters that the matter he needs to understand the situation and report to the relevant leaders and departments, but a clear answer reporters the next day will be in writing or e-mail to reporters a clear answer. Subsequently, the reporter again contacted by phone for medical treatment on the way side Tong. Fang Tong told reporters after he had to telephone inquiries within two larger hotsipals in the Chen Cheng, the two hotsipal bedspace tension refused his request to the treatment. In the subsequent over three hours for treatment, but also was the same answer. Fang Tong said he had no way to go back to the the Sujiatun Center Hospital, because Dr. Zhou Tel blame with his family to find the reporter’s behavior, another reason is worried that this hotsipal will not be best for him heal illness . until 20:30, Fang Tong and family members back home in the countryside, he told reporters the night of anti-inflammatory and treatment can also temporarily stop the medication, and more concerned about the problem from the second day of anti-inflammatory and treatment. Fang Tong say the name of the specialist hotsipals in several patients,burberry wallet, hotsipals have their own worries reporter learned that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the or refuse treatment for other diseases, AIDS also have a duty of disclosure, therefore, the the Sujiatun Center Hospital patients to It is understood that many ordinary people and even some doctors, blood and HIV are two factors added together, the fear of unconsciously generated, can not touch do not touch a threshold. AIDS experts said, is indeed possible clinically infected with HIV due to occupational exposure. Relevant survey, the exposed skin or mucous membranes and infected with the HIV infection rate was less than 0.5%, while the risk of medical personnel in the surgery because the cut, punctured and other HIV-infected, only about 0.33%. In China, it has not been reported infected with HIV due to occupational exposure of the medical profession. Liao Ning Jingheng law firm is $ lawyer said, First of all, due to social discrimination, the number of infected persons not to do the check can not go to the hotsipal,hermes constance, even if the doctor hotsipal does not fulfill this obligation, which may the further spread of the disease-causing. If AIDS does not fulfill this obligation, the consequences shall be investigated for legal responsibility of the AIDS patients. Second, patients were shut out the hotsipal, if caused by sicker patients or other problems, the hotsipal should also bear the corresponding responsibility. It is understood that the hotsipal the prevarication refused medical treatment of AIDS patients is widespread, causing infection to take medical treatment strategy to conceal the truth. As a result, not only affects the proper diagnosis and treatment of patients, and easy to increase the risk of medical institutions. The newspaper will continue to monitor the progress of this event. newspaper reporter Mei Qing link AIDS Prevention Act, and AIDS patients, AIDS prevention and treatment advice, diagnosis, and treatment services. Meanwhile,burberry belts, the medical institution shall not seek treatment for patients infected with HIV or AIDS patients, procrastinate or refuse treatment for other diseases. Article 38 of the HIV-infected persons and AIDS patients should fulfill the following obligations: infection or disease facts truthfully inform the admissions to the hotsipal, a doctor. blogohblog/wordpress-theme-firebug/ redsrantsandraves/2011/07/03/whats-that-you-say-wimbledons-over/ blogohblog/wordpress-theme-firebug/ wdawe/index.php/ win7gear/wp7-news/fast-and-furious-adrenaline-review/


March 27, 2015

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