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The MXR Bass Octave Deluxe is a dual voice octave pedal that offers analog tone...

February 17, 2015 1 min read 3 Comments

The MXR Bass Octave Deluxe is a dual voice octave pedal that offers analog tone and true bypass. You have the Growl voice for a throaty tone and the Girth for a Deep tone. Hit the Mid Freq switch to add up to +14db of internally adjustable mids. $249

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April 02, 2015

A few comments:First, to Jim H., I patlrcuiarly enjoyed your reframe of Prayer Absolute and E.J.’s Work tools as a “metaphorical reversal of the Big Bang.” Rather than a mind blower, it was more like a mind implosion! What else could a coming together be? This was a novel idea and trying to step into it produced some strange sensations. Apparently, up IS in! Content and context suddenly switched places.It seems that this chapter has established beyond any lingering doubt that the evolutionary current is the one going uphill, the redfin swimming against the involutionary current, the one that requires not only our active consent but our steady work to stay in place, no matter what happens. And we can now reliably sense when we are in the space this evolution takes us to. It has been quite a journey for many of us, and for all of us a blessing.David gave our assignment to live each day, or even one day, as if it were a day in eternity a touchstone; that if our senses are relaxed and present, things will become “transformed into portals.” This stuck with me, and on the first day I did nothing, building up a little response potential for a trip to south Texas the next day. It was a kind of “resting up for the effort” day. This turned out much better than expected, so on the drive the next day I relaxed the rules; no exercises, no effort, just notice everything as if the Absolute were everywhere I looked. That’s it. Then long periods of noticing, especially trees and people, patlrcuiarly when I would stop at places but even while driving, began to happen. The lady behind the counter at the restaurant where I stopped for lunch looked at me and instantly I could see into her; I was actually watching her essential self from mine, and she knew it just as I did. She insisted on giving me too much food, and fussed over me. I left in a magical mood, got in my truck, and took off through the boom-town Eagle-Ford Shale country below Jourdanton, Texas. I was soon surrounded by large oilfield trucks that began locking me into place on the highway, when some unhappy fellow roared around me, shot through the yellow no-passing lane, then swerved into the tight area in front of me with screeching tires, shot me the finger, then tore off to the right for parts unknown! I felt a sharp, searing jolt of hot energy assault my common presence around the right side of my head, but it was promptly absorbed by a pillow of the energy I had felt with the lady in the restaurant. It pulsed back and forth for a few minutes, then evaporated, leaving me in a delightful state for the rest of the drive. Since then, the experience with that lady has repeated itself many times with other people, with similar effect.That distraught young man I could feel too. His essential being was so identified with the drama of his world that he was completely cut off from himself, and a danger to others. I have been there myself, and I wished him well.These two extremes left me dangling in a balanced state in which I could say without doubt that something important had happened. Not knowing what that is remains wonderful. If I don’t know anything, I can remain open to everything, the awe of it all. Understandably, I am now big on “just noticing” as a way to carry out simple assignments like this, as it might help us see what has been there all along, but overlooked. Sometimes, doing nothing can be amazing.


March 29, 2015

It has been several weeks now since David first asked us to find a mtceanicalihy in ourselves, and to observe it without attempting to change it in any way. When this request produced no responses, he asked us again, and we received several useful, even powerful reports from the class, such as those from Auriah and Jim. My own initial response, a token response at the time, was my tendency to instantly and mindlessly react to certain kinds of phone messages, losing sight of listening to all of my incoming messages before responding to any one of them. I say “token” in that I did not feel there was any real exposure involved, that it was merely one small annoying habit that was a ‘promising prospect’ for observation. Anyway, that was the plan. Little did I realize that it would drop me into a true Conradian space, where I would brush up against something far different than anything I had ever before experienced. David spotted this immediately.When training as a therapist, my teachers required us to first have ourselves “cooked in the pot” before subjecting some unsuspecting client to the joys of the hot seat. I subsequently learned many things about myself, most of which were not particularly pleasant; e.g., since being adopted I had unconsciously worried about abandonment, and had tried my best to cover this up. Despite having wonderful adoptive parents, I also would easily get angry when feeling powerless to affect events in a way that would—in a child’s mind better insure that I “wouldn’t be sent back.” All of this kind of stuff has a long shelf life, let me tell you, and a can of it got opened up by prying into my “annoying little habit.”It turned out that underneath yet another layer of the onion, beneath the anger and over striving, lurked a Fear that I had not yet seen face to face; that underlying my Chief Feature of always appearing powerful and in control was my hidden Chief Weakness, the thing I least wanted to acknowledge. It was a featureless, empty space, and bottomless. Weather a fear of dying, or a fear of living, I don’t know. There was nothing else I could say or do about it, for the last month or so now, until it dawned upon me—after hearing the experiences the rest of you have shared—that the act of staying in this space without reacting is the “shock “required to “keep the octave moving”, whatever my thinking center thinks that may mean at any given moment! Now I have an (Okrualnian?) experience to flesh out the bones of what was just an idea. Now it has a taste. Somehow just being there with the emptiness moved something, and something quieted down.I hesitated to share this, since I have no idea if anything has changed or not in my behavior, which was not our assignment, or, more importantly, where this might lead. My ‘annoying little habit” is still there, I suppose, although after another manner. When it is not there it seems to have been replaced by something else, something more nourishing but not much more pleasant. “Onward through the Fog” Oat Willie


March 27, 2015

For those who want to expand their pniyalg skills (regardless of their current pniyalg level), the use of octaves can provide the ticket.This can be as simple as picking any run, pattern or scale (i.e., Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, etc.), then pick some (not all) of the notes and play those notes an octave higher.For example, we’ll start with the C major scale (which we already know):C, D, E, F, G, A, B, CNow let’s throw in some octaves:High C, D, E, F, G, low A and low B (which can be played in the 6th position without any shifting).Now let’s get ambitious and break out of our comfort zone.C, high D, E, high F, G, high A, B and high Cor we can try:High C, D, E, high F, high G, A, B and CThe objectives of this sort of practice are: enhanced familiarity with the fretboard, improved fingering dexterity and improved abity to reach across the strings and building strength in the hands.Before we become ambitious, make sure that the proper and correct pniyalg techniques are being used.After trying this, come up with your own ideas and keep pushing the envelope Have fun and be great!

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