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Sandberg VM2 5 String in Natural Ash......$2799!! FREE DELIVERY

August 16, 2016 1 min read

Sandberg VM2 5 String in Natural Ash......$2799!! FREE DELIVERY Hand built in Germany, Sandberg basses represent amazing value for an instrument of this caliber. Built to perfection with high quality timbers, electronics and hardware, their tonal versatility and brilliant play-ability are second to none.

This VM2 5 features an Ash body, Maple neck with maple fretboard. Loaded with twin Delano MM style humbucker in the bridge and neck position, the tonal possibilities are endless. You can easily dial up tight focused bridge style poke courtesy of the bridge humbucker. Switch to the front humbucker and thunderous open bottom end tones are delivered in abundance. Mix the two together in conjunction with the on-board 2 band active preamp and you have a bass that can cut virtually any gig you throw at it. The 2 band active Preamp is switchable to passive if required.

The neck is slim and fast, measuring 45mm at the nut, string spacing at the bridge is 18mm. Featuring a zero fret to deliver consistent string tones whether fretted or open.

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