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Ibanez Soundgear SR305E.....take it home for $8.77 Per Week on our Rental...

August 24, 2016 1 min read

Ibanez Soundgear SR305E.....take it home for $8.77 Per Week on our Rental Program!! or buy it for $619 with Free Delivery. There is no better 5 string at this price!

The latest evolution of this iconic SR series bass sees the introduction of the new PowerSpan Dual Coil (PDC) pickups and the new Ibanez Custom Electronic 3-band eq w/3 way Power Tap switch. The feel and look is the same, but the tone takes this classic instrument into a new era

SR fans will immediately notice the new look of the PowerSpan Dual Coil pickups. Developed by Ibanez, the exposed pole pieces of the PDC pickups produce a stronger signal, and increase the response of the higher frequencies without sacrificing low end. The result is a tone rich in harmonic detail and dynamic expression

The 3-band EQ works in conjunction with a coil tap switch for maximum control over a wide variety of professional bass tones. Tap Mode (single coil) creates a punchy, dynamic sound with superior articulation. Series Mode (humbucking) delivers a full, warm tone, and Power Tap Mode provides the best of both worlds—combining the clarity of the single coil with the fat bottom end of the humbucker.

Mahogany body with a maple/rosewood neck.

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