Tc Electronic BH550 + RS212 Rig



This is an amazing set up for just about any gig. The bH550 head delivers 550 watts at 4ohms, versatile 4 band active tone controls and two Toneprint circuits. This is an easy to use amp that delivers loads of volume and great tones. The inbuilt Toneprints allow you to load an array of effects into the amp via a phone App, everything from Chorus to overdrives, delays to compression. 

Combine the BH550 with the RS212 and you get a thumping rig that is compact and easy to use. The RS212 delivers great low end punch and definition. If you want to expand on this rig you can, add another cabinet and you will get the full 550 watts from the head and you will be moving serious air. 

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Category: 2000-2500, 212, RIG DEALS

Type: Amplifiers

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