Tc Electronic BH800, 800 Watt, W/Toneprint


The TC Electronic BH800, 800 WATT AMPLIFIER HEAD

The BH800, Delivering 800 watts of power and great tones. Super easy to use preamp, built in tuner and 2 programmable Toneprint effects controls. All in a package so compact that it will fit in the pocket of your gig bag, and at just 4 lbs., the weight is hardly going to be noticeable. The intelligent EQ section is designed to cut and boost at different frequencies. Tailored specifically for bass for ultra-precise tonal shaping. The BH800’s ultra-precise on-board tuner is there when you need it. It’s always on, so you constantly have a clear read of whether you’re in tune or not. And with a frequency range that supports up to six-string basses, you can be sure that your low-notes will always be in tune! BH800 features a wide range of TonePrint effects, from Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Octaver to our custom SpectraComp & BassDrive – and they all sound killer! You can even have Combined TonePrints that let you enjoy the power of two TonePrints in one!





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