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Sandberg VM2 4 String Pau Ferro, Blueburst

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Sandberg VM2 4 String Blueburst

The Sandberg VM2 is a brilliantly versatile bass. Classic Ash Body, Maple neck with Pau Ferro Fretboard, This timber combination delivers punch and clarity with brilliant low end definition and sweet crisp top end.

Twin Delano humbuckers running through an onboard switchable 2 band active preamp with split switch for the humbuckers. This is one versatile bass giving you everything from modern snap to retro thump, it has growl, bite and beef to its tone

The Sandberg VM body shape is super comfortable with beautiful contouring and great ergonomics, its balanced and eronomic.

The neck is slim and fast with brilliant responsiveness. 38mm nut width. Pau Ferro delivers excellent top end snap and clarity whilst maintaining warmth and rich lows and low mids.   

Includes Sandberg Gig Bag

Hand made in Germany, Sandberg basses represent incredible value for money. The build quality is top notch, tonally brilliant and one of the fastest feeling neck profiles you will ever feel. Sandberg have become one of the worlds great bass makers and the list of players using Sandberg instruments is testament to the quality of these Basses.