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Preloved Jule Monique Tube Pre-Amp in Bamboo

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Monique is a high-quality all-tube bass preamp/D.I. that is completely handmade using traditional point-to-point wiring in a workshop in Santa Cruz, California. Not only can it be used in studio recording, but it also works perfectly as a front end for modern bass amplifier equipment.

The vacuum tubes used are 6SL7, 12AU7, and EZ81, which are well known in audio amplifiers, and are designed to have lower noise than any other bass amp/D.I. that uses vacuum tubes. The flat setting produces a slightly rounded and warm tube sound, but there is no bias in the playback range, and it can be used with vintage to modern active multi-string basses to create a musical tone while preserving the characteristics of each instrument. I have the impression that it will help you. Its high-quality sound is reminiscent of a good old vintage tube amp, and it also seems to have the elegance and wide range of high-end hi-fi audio.

With the 'Sesitivity' knob, it is compatible with a wide range of instruments, from vintage-style passive PUs to high-output active basses. If you want to gain more gain when using passive PUs, pull the Sensitivity knob. You can increase it by +4db. Also, this knob is not only an input level, but also a tone control for the entire sound. By properly matching the signals of your connected instruments at Monique's input stage, your bass sound will become even more musical.

This unit's tone control uses a boost/cut method, allowing plus/minus 20dB control in each Treble/Mid/Bass frequency band. However, the effect is very smooth, and even at the most extreme settings the sound doesn't crash or lose its musical tone.

Equipped with two output systems, a 1/4 phone jack line output and an XLR balanced output, each with level control.The output transformer is also used in vintage UREI etc. It is equipped with a Cinemag product that inherits the sound of Reichenbach. The Line Level knob has a push-pull switch, when off, the input is 100mV/-18dB, the nominal line output is 0dB/0.775V, and the XLR output is -10dB from the input level, but when pulled and turned on, the line output, Both XLR outputs are increased by +12dB. This allows a 0dB level to be used on the XLR output.

The line output impedance is 10K, making it suitable for connection to the input of a power amplifier or effects loop.

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