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Nordstrand Fat Stack 4 String Set

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Nordstrand Fat Stack 4 String Set (NECK & BRIDGE)

These are a proprietary Nordstrand design, born from the angled pole prospects of the bossman himself. The traditional bi-pole magnet layout was rotated 45 degrees, increasing the size of the traditional J style coil by 50%, making the coil wider and instigating the growth of a larger magnetic aperture, facilitating the capture of each string's unique harmonic characteristics. This results in a fatter tone that is somewhat reminiscent of a J style single coil. However, with the FS's stacked coil design, its tone is inherently darker, bolder, and fatter. The Fat Stack presents a range that cascades across the sonic spectrum, providing a present but pleasant high end, a detailed midrange, and full-bodied low end. Due to the naturally occurring lower output of its design, these pickups benefit greatly from a pre-amp with 3 or more db of gain.

*These pickups are shipped with three conductor wire for a split-able installation. Essentially, this is a turbo switch that will propel your tone to the point of bludgeoning aggression. When the third lead is shorted to ground, only the top coil will remain active. This will result in a meaner version of the large tone these pickups deliveralbeit with 60 cycle noise that single coils inherently possess.

Technical Details:

  • Stacked humbucking 4 string bass pickups set
  • Angled poles.
  • Alnico V magnets.  
  • Laser cut bobbins.
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.
  • 3.99" x 1.27"

    History: The creation of this pickup comes from a tale of sonic excursion and exploration. Years ago, Carey Nordstrand, the shop Admiral, was getting antsy to find yet another application for his angled pole design. So a few of our more curious winding technicians tied a rope around his waist, and, with plenty of slack, lowered him into the portal we discovered when we accidentally cut a hole in the sonic continuum with our in-shop industrial laser. Nordstrand was gone for about as long as it took for Stew McKinsey to tear up a savage funk line. When he returned, Carey beheld a new, scaffolded pickup design infused with angled poles and the ability for split-able installation. To this day, the story of the Fat Stack’s conception along with its unique tone makes it one of our most endeared models.