Musicman Stingray "Slo" Special


This aint no ordinary Musicman......its a Stingray body but with a slimmer profiled "sterling" neck.......and they call it a "SLO SPECIAL" If you love Stingrays but you also love a super slim J style neck then this is the bass for you. It is super slinky to play and the neck feels fast.

Musicman MM humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions, active 3 band EQ, 5 way pickup selector for incredible variance of tone, 34" scale......everything that you would expect from a US made Musicman. Uncompromising tones and amazing playability, this is one bass that you want on your team!!

Solid Ash body, Maple neck and fretboard, twin Humbuckers, active 3 band onboard preamp. Case included

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