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Mark Bass Little Marcus (Marcus Miller) 500 Watt

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Mark Bass Little Marcus (Marcus Miller) 500 Watt... 30% Off Clearance

The LITTLE MARCUS has been set up to satisfy Marcus Millers exacting needs and tastes but it is also a great choice for any bassist in need of an amp with amazingly clear definition, punch and dynamic responce whilst respecting the priority of a fundamental bass tone 
The Little Marcus offers a simple and very effective tone controls  section with EQ points that allow you to taylor your sound for any genre or style. The two new Old School and Millerizer filters provide easy tonal adjustments on the fly, delivering everything from modern scooped out glassy tones through to retro vintage tones, all courtesy of the "Old School" and "Millerizer" filters. 



  • INPUT: impedance 500 Kohm, max. voltage 9 Vpp

  • EFFECT RETURN: impedance 33 Kohm, max. voltage 10 Vpp


  • GAIN: -46 dB to +23 dB range



  • MUTE switch

  • GROUND LIFT (switch on rear panel)

  • PRE/POST EQ (switch on rear panel)

  • FSW input for (optional) footswitch to turn on/off EQ1 and EQ2


  • ULTRALOW: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 65Hz)

  • LOW: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 180Hz)

  • MID: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 500 Hz)

  • HIGH MID: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 1.4 KHz)

  • HIGH: Level ±16 dB (Freq. 3.8 KHz)


  • OLD SCHOOL: Variable LOW PASS From 20KHz to 200Hz

  • MILLERIZER: 5-12 KHz BAND PASS Filter (Level 0 /+10 dB)


  • LINE OUT: balanced XLR, max. voltage 20 Vpp

  • EFFECT SEND: unbalanced, max. voltage 20 Vpp (pre-EQ)

  • TUNER OUT: unbalanced, max. voltage 2 Vpp

  • SPEAKER OUT: speakon/1/4" combo 


  • WEIGHT: 5.29 lbs / 2.4 Kg

  • WIDTH: 10.87 in. / 27.6 cm

  • DEPTH: 9.84 in. / 25 cm

  • HEIGHT: 3.27 in. / 8.3 cm

  • OUTPUT POWER: 500W RMS @ 4 ohms / 300W RMS @ 8 ohms

  • POWER REQUIREMENT: 100/120V; 230V; 240V - 50/60Hz (Voltage is factory preset according to region of sale)

Minimum ohm load for all Markbass heads is 4 ohms.
Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country’s voltage. Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
Rack ears do not come included with this head.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.