Kala U-Bass Exotic Mahogany Fretted



Sounds the opposite of how it looks....HUGE. These basses will blow you away with their ability to deliver incredible low end like an upright bass , all from this pint sized U-Bass. The key is the polypropylene strings, these sound and feel amazing.

Great fun to play and super easy to travel with, the U-Bass is a brilliant bit of kit that has established itself as an incredibly unique tonal option. ts not a toy, its a serious bass that sounds massive. Among the more notable U-BASS artists are Abraham Laboriel, Bakithi Kumalo, Hutch Hutchinson, Leland Sklar, Dave Pomeroy, Nathan East and Tal Wilkenfeld.............not a bad line up using these basses on some rather large stages

This bass needs to be plugged in.....and the bigger the rig, the bigger the tone!

Includes Gig Bag



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