Hartke LH500 plus VX410 Rig Deal


Hartke LH500 plus VX410 Rig Deal

The Hartke LH500 has a Class A wired tube preamp, 500 watt power stage and all the professional features that you would want, DI, effects loop, Limiter.

The Hartke VX410 features high efficiency low moving mass design allows for maximum output and plenty of headroom throughout the full range of the driver. Rounding out the tone, each cabinet has a proprietary design horn loaded high frequency transducer.Using heavy-duty plywood construction, the rugged carpet covered cabinet has strong protective corners, ergonomic handles and a recessed jack cup protecting its two 1/4" inputs.The VX410 handles 400 watts of power driving its four 10" speakers, plus its horn loaded 1" throat compression driver.

Together this is a great rig that will cut the gig. Loads of volume, great tone and fully featured. 

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