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Fender Player Series Precision Bass

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Fender Player Series Precision Bass

Fender say: There’s nothing more classic than a Fender electric bass, and the Player Precision Bass is as authentic as it gets—genuine Fender style and the rumbling, seismic sound that spawned a thousand imitations. With its smooth playing feel and spotlight-ready style, this thunderous bass is ready to enter the studio or prowl the stage and help show the world your creative vision.

We say: Simply one of the best value basses for the money. An instrument that produces classic Fender tones with modern playability and feel. Slim profile neck, beautiful Alder body for warm tones and definition. This is The most popular series bass that we sell from Fender 


• Alder body with gloss finish
• One Player Series split-coil Precision Bass® middle pickup
• Master volume and tone controls
• “Modern C” Shape Neck
• 9.5” Radius
• Spaghetti Logo
• 4-bolt “F”-Stamped neck plate


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