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Fender Player BC Custom "Rail" Precision

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Fender Player BC Custom "Rail"

Yes, we've built another one!. A customised Fender Player Precision Bass, loaded with the very cool matte Black pickguard and a DiMarzio DP127 split Rail pickup. Each half of this unique double-blade P-style pickup is a complete humbucker. Split P™ pickups are EQ’d to expand the range of your bass by extending both low- and high-end response: a great way to get a broader contemporary sound from mid-rangy one-pickup-in-the-middle basses.

The result is a one off Cyber Bass for the apocalypse. Set up, upgraded and ready to roll. 

  • Fender Player Precision
  • Alder Body
  • Maple or Pau Ferro fretboard
  • DiMarzio DP127
  • Matte Black pickguard
  • 9.5" radius neck

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