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Dingwall ABZ Black to Natural Fade

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Dingwall ABZ Black to Natural Fade

Simply one of the most unique instruments on the market. The ABZ is a beastly toned multiscale weapon! This is a one off finish, unique in the World Black to Natural fade. 

The B string is 37" scale whilst the G is 34, the B string is like a bell and there is superb balance tonally right across the fretboard. 

Solid Ash Body, Maple neck and a wenge fretboard combine to deliver super clarity and tonal defanition like few other basses. 3x pickup configuration and Glockenklang 3 band active preamp. 

Fingerboard Radius

Fingerboard radius – compound, 7-1/2” (at the nut) to 25” (at the bridge)

Featuring a more complicated compound radius neck profile you get a very vintage feeling 7-1/2” radius at the nut for comfortable play in the lower frets. You also have a much flatter radius at the bridge to make play easier for the plucking hand. The flatter radius at the bridge keeps the strings a more consistent distance from the pickups for more even response.

The Ash body provides a bell like clarity, frequencies are isoted and defined as it resonates giving snap and bite to your tone. 

This is a one off, Black to Natural fade, finished an a special satin polyester

5 piece laminated maple neck and wenge fretboard. 

FDV pickups are the standard pickup in the ABZ model. They are a continuation of the FD (Fury/Dingwall) line of pickups but feature Alnico V magnets instead of Neodymium. Their tone and response are the most traditional sounding and feeling of all our pickups yet they maintain the tightness and clarity that Dingwall basses are known for.

They feature 4-lead wiring which enables the internal coils to be wired in either series for strong mids and high output or parallel for scooped mids and normal output. The pickup coils can be pre-wired in either series or parallel or can be run through a series/parallel toggle for on-the-fly tone shaping.

3 Band Glockenklang preamp - superb tonal flexibility ourtesy of the treble, mids and bass controls. 

Simply a work of art that will redefine your bass tone. 


Bridge spacing 5: 18 mm – .709″
Nut width 5: 45.5 mm – 1.8″
Heel width 5: 75 mm – 2.95″
Neck thickness @ 1st fret: 21 mm – .827″
Neck thickness @ 12th fret: 24 mm – .945″