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Caseman Jetsetter Pedal Board - Small

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Caseman Jetsetter Pedal Board - Small

The ultimate in lift the lid and play pedalboards. The Jetsetter is designed for the Professional Player who is touring the world. Australian made and made to last. The Jetsetter pedal board is made from fabricated aluminium. The pedalboard is integrated into the roadcase, simply take the lid off the case, plug in and play.

The Flight case is designed to travel the world, to withstand the angriest of roadies and short tempered baggage handlers, this case will survive and protect your pedal investment. If you are serious about your pedals and you want the best that money can buy, we believe the Caseman Jetsetter offers the ultimate touring solution. A no compromise system designed to tour the world, to protect your pedal investment and provide a hassle free gig solution. 

The Aussie made powder coated aluminium pedalboard is securely hinged into the flight case making it a fully integrated system. There is space underneath for a power supply and cables.

It is built to last and to provide a super tough solution for the protection and use of your pedal system. 

You are now a part of the jet age!



Board size: 460mm x 320mm 
Pedal heights: 60mm (highest point) 
Maximum power supply height: 50mm 
Weight (board and case): 6.5kg 
Price: $469