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Caseman Gentleman Pedal Board - Medium

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Caseman Gentleman Pedal Board - Medium

Gentleman BY CASEMAN, Australia Made and Made to last. 

Get the very best in Gentleman transportation with the Caseman Gentleman Pedalboard/Roadcase combination.  Australian made and made to last. The pedal board is made from fabricated Aluminium and is designed to last a lifetime with beautiful timber ends and secure attachment. The Flight case is designed to travel the world, to withstand angry roadies and short tempered baggage handlers, this case will survive and protect your pedal investment

If you are serious about your pedals and you want the best that money can buy, we believe the Caseman Gentleman offers the solution. A no compromise system designed to tour the world

Value for money combo pack includes a beautiful Gentleman pedalboard, one flight case and two interface panels.



Board weight: 2.5kg 
Case weight: 6kg 
Pedal area: 600mm x 320mm