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Bass Service & Repair


Bass Centre repairs get completed Monday-Thursday by Luke, our in-house Bass tech.

To make a booking, you can use our online booking service on this page, choose your service and click "Schedule your time" . Bookings are simply for the day of drop off, pick any time and bring it in on that day. 

We generally turnaround repairs in 2-3 working days. We can chat when you bring your bass in about the specifics of what your bass needs

If you are unsure about what you may need, get in touch or see the services below to help you out. Feel free to call us 03 96966561 if you wish to discuss

BASSIC RE-STRING $39 - Your bass guitar is playing great, but you need some new strings to keep it fresh and to lift its tone

  • Clean & condition the fingerboard.
  • Install the new strings (strings are additional).
  • Polish the body & neck.

BASSIC SET UP $99 + Strings - Your bass has been playing "ok" but something has changed, it's time for a set up to get it playing as it should. Our service & set-up option is all about getting your bass back to playing its best.

  • Clean & condition the fingerboard.
  • Polish frets.
  • Change strings.
  • Set Neck relief
  • Optimise string height/playing action.
  • Set correct intonation.
  • Set pickup heights for optimal balance
  • lubricate nut slots
  • Deep clean & polish the body & neck.


DELUXE SET UP  $225 + Strings - After years of playing, your Bass may have developed wear and uneven spots on the frets. You may have found that your bass has started to buzz or no longer feels articulate. The complete bass set-up is our most comprehensive option and provides you with a precision fret level, crown, dress & polish alongside our expert service & set-up.

  • Level/crown/dress & polish frets.
  • File nut slots to match the new fret height.
  • Clean & condition the fingerboard.
  • Change strings.
  • Optimise string height/playing action.
  • Adjust intonation.
  • Full check & service of the electronics & hardware.
  • Deep clean & polish the body & neck.



Custom Re-Wire or Modification. We complete a wiring overhaul of your bass. Together, we will discuss the circuit design, the components used and hand-build your new wiring harness from the beginning. Prices vary, we'll quote you before we proceed

Pickup Installation. You've finally found the pickups you love! We make sure your new investment gets wired in neatly and correctly. From $90