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Ampeg Micro VR Rig

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Ampeg Micro VR Rig

200 watt Ampeg Micro rig. Don't be fooled by its diminutive, dare we say "cute", appearance. The Ampeg Micro-VR is a compact powerhouse fully capable of pumping its 200 watts of genuine Round Sound ™ into myriad live and recording situations. This portable, powerful solid-state head in traditional Ampeg drag is a pleasant surprise from the second you lay eyes on it to the moment its indisputable Ampeg tone hits your ears.

The Ampeg SVT210AV is the portable alternative to a full sized SVT cab. Ideal for bleed-sensitive recording situations where the SVT810-AV can be too loud and live situations where it can be too large, the SVT210AV is designed using Ampeg's legendary Infinite Baffle ™ system for maximum speaker efficiency and true Ampeg tone.

Perfect compact rig for small to medium sized venues. 

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