Mark Bass CMD 102P, 500 Watt Combo 2 X 10 W/Piezo


MARK BASS CMD 102P Bass Combo

This is by far the most popular combo that we sell. Its a 500 watt power house. It features the new LM III head with a new limiter circuit, DI with pre and post control. 4 band active tone control as well as VLE and VPF tonal filters that make getting a great sound incredibly cant go wrong. The drivers are NEO 10" spkrs that handle amazing levels and produce superb tone at all volume levels. The unit weighs only 25 kilos. It is a tilt back design so you can set it up as a wedge or leave it flat on the ground if you want to use more of the stages coupling for more low end.
It will cut a big gig on its own....and with an extension cab it will scare the bar staff at the back of the room....its a thumper.

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