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Neural Updates


Hi Everyone

OK, GOOD NEWS!!!! Our second batch is shipping next week so by the end of August we will be able to supply orders made up until 15th of May.  This date is not set in stone as depending on cancelation rates this date will most likely extend. 

What happens now?

  • We will email you a Balance request as soon as the shipment lands
  • You have 14 days to pay your balance
  • You can pay online using whatever payment method works for you
  • We can not offer laybys sorry, use Zip or Afterpay if you need terms
  • We have Neural Gigbags In stock as well. You can add one to your order CLICK HERE

Please be ready to pay your balance owing. We know the wait has been long but there is a massive queue for the Quad Cortex.

If you wish to cancel please let us know asap so that we can release your unit to the next in the queue and we can refund your deposit



Bass Centre