Spector Forte 5 Helium Bass Limited Edition



This is a rediculous deal, $3999 for a hand built US made Spector 5. This bass plays and sounds like an absolute dream.  

These instruments utilize a unique combination of woods to achieve a great sounding bass that weighs less than our standard solid figured maple body wings.

The top of this neck thru body instruments wings are carved from quarter sawn sycamore obtained from salvaged logs of trees which have blown down in our local forests near Woodstock NY. The back of the body wings is reclaimed redwood that was originally harvested in California between 75 and 100 years ago and used for the construction of water tanks which are sited on top of office buildings in NYC. They have been filled with the purest NYC drinking water for all those years which continuously permeates the redwood. This soaking with the water helps to wash out all of the sugar in the cells of the wood so that it dries more completely and in a similar way to the method used traditionally for curing violin wood in Europe.

The final Helium® element is a Spector © locking bridge made of aluminum with brass saddles.

The instruments possess a full warm bottom end with a unique bloom to the attack of the notes.


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