Sadowsky Will Lee Metro 5 Dark Cherry Burst


Sadowsky Metro Will Lee 5 Dark Cherry Burst with Maple Fret-board. This is an incredible sounding bass, clean and articulate across the board. The Will Lee bass has the midrange switchable boost. Which you're able to fine tune the boost from the rear of the bass. Well balanced and plays like a dream.


Body:Swamp ash 

Fingerboard:Maple 1.75" on 5-string models.

Frets:22 nickel/silver .090" wide x .048" high.

Tuners: Hipshot

Pickup Options:Sadowsky Single Coil

Preamp:Custom Will Lee preamp with switchable midrange boost. Frequency selectable at 500 or 800 Hz, wide or narrow bandwidth. Trimpot for adjusting mid boost is accessible on rear control cover.

Front Controls:Master volume, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC), bass boost, treble boost, midrange boost on/off switch, preamp bypass switch.

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