Fender Squier Affinity Precision Bass Pack W/Rumble 15 Bass Amp


We know that there is an absolute minefield of gear out there and when you are looking at beginning the whole process is really quite confusing. There are lots of basses and amps that everyone is trying to sell and lots of retailers have reasons for selling particular instruments that have little to do with the instruments themselves.

We recommend the Fender Squier range for numerous reasons. Here are just a few.

-These basses are really well built for the money. They have quality finishes and play and sound as good as many basses that are more expensive.

-They are set up and play beautifully, this is vital for beginners as it makes the physical process of learning easier, therefore encourages kids to continue on playing. We have seen so many cheap basses that are simply unplayable, even we cant play them as the string heights are ridiculously high. Don't waste your money on some No name bass that simply hinders your kids enjoyment of playing music

-The resale on Fender Squire basses and guitars is excellent. We are often asked "what if Johnny gives up?"....Answer... Sell the gear. Fender Squires carry an excellent resale value, you can easily resell these set ups and get around 2/3rds of your money back if need be. You wont find it so easy trying to sell a no name brand!!

Squier Affinity Precision
Fender Rumble 15 combo
Gigbag, Strap, lead, tuner
Instructional DVD

This is a great way to get into playing bass. The Affinity basses are great to play and through the Fender Rumble 15 you get excellent tone from the word go.

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