Fender American Standard Jazz, Rosewood Fingerboard


This is Fenders modern interpretation of the classic Jazz Basses of the past

The new 2012 American Standard Jazz basses feature Custom Shop pickups, parchment guard, high-mass vintage bridge with string thru body option, a thinner finish undercoat that lets the body breathe and improves resonance, new and improved Fender tuning keys that keep the classic look but are 30 percent lighter, a richer and deeper neck tint for a more elegant appearance, a great-looking glossed maple or rosewood fingerboard and satin back for smooth playability, and quite simply, the best case that we have ever seen for a production line bass.

The necks are super fast to play on. The alder bodies give the bass classic tone whilst the overall weight and balance is the best that we have seen. They are simply light and responsive.

American Standard Jazz, maple or Rosewood inc case

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